Counter-Strike Professional Training

Maximize your playing skills with the top coach Mia Stellberg helping you to get better results in Counter-Strike.

Psychological, physical and game substance information in one easy to use packet based on KAMK University research and thousands of hours development work.

Test your skills and abilities and have a comparison to other players globally.

The package is suitable for individual players and also for teams, that have a desire and a will to become the world top players.

Get yourself discovered and get recruited.



Mia Stellberg

Psychologist, specialized in sport psychology.

Background in traditional sports. Currently working on eSports.

Best known client is Astralis, the professional Counter-Strike Team.

Mia started as an Astralis eSport psychologist in the late summer 2016, and Astralis won the Eleague CS: GO Major Tournament in January 2017.

Who is
Mia Stellberg?

What is

Skill improvement briefings

Start your training in the care of professional psychologist coach Mia Stellberg.
You can watch briefing videos and learn the content of the training tool.
The tool is for individual players and teams.
What makes this product unique is the possibility to compare your results to other players globally.
Check out the videos and purchase the training tool from Steam now.

01Combat training
Is your reaction time and precision skills at the optimal level? They might just determine, who will continue in the game – you or your opponent.

02Shooting accuracy
There are no results without precision. Do you have what it takes to reach the next level and hit the bullseye?

03Color sight
You either have it or you don’t. You can find out your own eyesight level, and how it will defect your gaming skills by training with the coach.

04Reaction time
Seamless hand-eye coordination is a common trait for greatest gamers. Rise to the challenge and think quick!

05Depth perception tooltip
Sometimes your eyes can lie and you make a wrong decision – game over! Train your 3D vision to reach top level!

06Memory test
How sharp is your mind? Developing your memory will upgrade your strategy skills.

07Audio localization
It’s not just what you see – you need to listen as well. Sharpen your senses and be one step ahead of your opponents!

08Psychological evaluation
Can you keep cool when things heat up? Evaluate the strengths of your mind, and find out what you still need to work on to reach the top. Our unique test is developed specially for gamers by a professional psychologist.